Part One of Swift Kids Two-Part iOS Development Program

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What is Lift Off?

With guidance from an industry expert, students will learn how iOS apps are built and even build real working apps themselves in the Swift programming language. This course is a prerequisite for Soaring High (iOS Development Part 2). In this course students will have the exciting opportunity to design their own app, which they will go on to begin building in the second part of the course!

iOS Development: A Unique Learning Experience

Lift Off uses Apple certified learning materials in a flipped classroom to teach students the key concepts of iOS app development.

The flipped classroom is a modern learning technique. It provides students the space to study materials first on their own, followed by meetings with their teacher to follow up on questions they have. Students will meet weekly with their peers, over the course of ten weeks, with their qualified instructor for clarification and questions in a secure Zoom room. Students will also have access throughout the week to their instructor, who is available for guidance and clarification along the way.

Why Do We Use A Flipped Classroom?

  • It offers more hands-on learning experience
  • Students can work at their own pace, meaning those who gain concepts faster won't be held back and those who take more time won't be left behind
  • It offers a more individualized and personalized learning experience for each child
  • Encourages more class participation and problem-solving with their peers
  • Students are more engaged in class
  • Students get more out of their one-on-one time with their industry-expert instructor


“…class sizes were small, which allowed my son to get the one-on-one attention necessary to get the quality learning experience I had hoped for.”

Bonus Experience: The Nest, Our Young App Developer Community!

iOS Development students will also gain access to a private community of other students studying iOS app development through our Discord Server, The Nest. A place to:

  • Foster an active community of kids who love to code and are interested in iOS app development.
  • Meet other students who are studying coding and aspiring app developers
  • Socialize with each other and feel part of a strong, supportive, welcoming community of coders!
  • Share ideas
  • Discuss current events and ideas related to Swift coding and iOS app development
  • Communicate with the instructor

NOTE: This private Discord server will be closely monitored by the Swift Kids staff to ensure that it is a safe and friendly environment for all Swift Kids students and graduates. All members of this private Discord will be vetted by staff to ensure only Swift Kids students, former students and other young aspiring app developers are admitted into the server. Ages 13+.

When Does Lift Off Take Place?

Lift Off begins the week of January 9th

Group classes are Sundays at 10 AM EST for one hour, over ten weeks

Students will have a one-on-one session with their instructor during the week

Students will also be able to communicate with their instructor throughout the week, who will be available to answer questions and clarify material

Classes take place over Zoom, with an industry expert

Who Can Attend Lift Off?

No previous knowledge in coding required, however a familiarity with coding concepts is an asset

Lift Off is the ideal next step for students who have already completed First Flight: Intro to Apple Coding (formerly Swift Fundamentals)

As there is some self-guided learning required for this course, we generally suggest an age range of 13 - 18.*

*Age range is a suggestion, not a rule. If you would like to know if the course is right for your child, please contact the course instructor to discuss.

What Do Students Need for iOS Development: Part One?

  • A Mac (running macOS 11.0 or later)
  • A stable internet connection
  • The free app “Xcode”*, installed on your Mac
  • Zoom - installed on your Mac you can download Zoom for free HERE and set up an account

*NOTE: This app is not compatible with PC/Windows*

We can’t wait for your child to begin their iOS app development journey!