Take your understanding of app development to new heights!

In this second part of our iOS Development study students will:

  • Build fully operational complex apps
  • Dive deep into advanced topics in coding
  • Expand their understanding of Git and Github
  • Begin their study of Apple’s Game Development Tools

The best part of Soaring High is that students begin building their own apps.

Students who have completed Lift Off (iOS Development Part 1) enjoyed the experience of creating a design for their first app. Soaring High is where the real magic happens, when students are given the tools and guidance from an industry expert to begin the process of bringing their creative vision to life.

The adventure starts here!

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All prices are in Canadian dollars and are tax inclusive.

When Does Soaring High Take Place?

  • Our next Soaring High course begins the week of October 10.
  • Group classes are Sunday at 11:00AM EST for one hour over 10 weeks
  • Students will have a one-on-one session with their instructor during the week
  • The instructor will also be available throughout the week for clarification and to answer questions
  • Classes take place over Zoom, with an industry expert

Who Can Attend Soaring High?

  • Students who wish to take Soaring High are required to successfully complete Lift Off (iOS Development Part 1)
  • Students who have successfully completed Lift Off are strongly encouraged to take Soaring High to round off their understanding of iOS development and experience the beginning stages of building their own app
  • Soaring High is ideal for an age range of 13 - 18, however if you have successfully completed Lift Off outside of this age range, you may be able to participate in Soaring High. We encourage students outside of the suggested age range to contact the instructor (email [email protected]) for recommendations prior to registering.

What Do Students Need for Soaring High?

  • A Mac (running macOS 11.0 or later)
  • A stable internet connection
  • The free app “Xcode”*, installed on your Mac (NOTE: This app is not compatible with PC/Windows*)
  • Zoom - installed on your Mac you can download Zoom for free HERE and set up an account
  • Prior completion of Swift Kids course Lift Off**

As with Lift Off, this course is designed in a “Flipped Classroom”. This means that students complete most of the work on their own first, followed by weekly one-on-one support meetings with our instructor. Through this method we are proud to offer bespoke instruction that best suits each student's individual needs.

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All prices are in Canadian dollars and are tax inclusive.