Our vision is to create a community of young app developers and empower them to thrive in an era of digital creativity. Swift Kids is an organization with a mission to inspire and educate.

Our Team

Brendan Miller - Founder

Professional Developer

Brendan is a professional developer with over 20 years experience in the education sector. He is an active and prominent member of Canada’s community of iOS developers. Brendan manages NSCoderTO (Toronto’s largest community of iOS and macOS developers) and organizes SwiftTO (Canada’s foremost conference dedicated to the official Apple programming language, Swift). 

Champion of Community + Diversity

Inspired by these communities, he founded Swift Kids to foster a community for young, aspiring app developers to feel welcomed and supported on their journey. Brendan champions diversity and inclusivity in coding and believes that every student can benefit from an education in programming.

Industry Expert

Brendan’s extensive experience as an iOS educator includes teaching code on behalf of Apple and Hackergal. He provides mentorship for high school students and has supported young developers through the exciting and challenging phase of publishing their first app. He is also one of the first and only teachers in Canada to hold official Apple certification.

Full-Time Hobbyist

When Brendan is not coding you can find him pursuing one of his many hobbies and interests outside of tech. He enjoys learning new skills, like roller skating with his daughter, photography and exploring the great outdoors bouldering and canoeing.

Sheila O'Neill - Business Development Manager

& Magazine Editor in Chief

Sheila O’Neill is our Business Development Manager and Editor-in-Chief of Swift Kids Magazine. She loves exploring unique, interesting, and varied perspectives and has a sharp eye for discovering what’s new and noteworthy. She appreciates both telling and listening to a good story.

It is rewarding for her to be part of the Swift Kids team, where she can be deeply curious, forward-looking, think out-of-box, solve problems and champion change.

Jennifer Lopez - Designer

& Social Media Manager

Jennifer is our Designer and Social Media Manager with a bachelor's degree in Creative Advertising.

With a passion for memes and design, she's always on top of trends and finding the best ways to target ideal audiences. In her spare time she focuses on her micro-influencer career and dresses fashionably for any and every occasion.

SHSM Certification Workshops

Bespoke SHSM certification workshops for grades 11 and 12. These workshops cover pertinent topics in business and tech and empower students with in-demand professional skills for a competitive advantage in their early careers. If you are a teacher interested in learning more please reach out to [email protected]

The Nest

Our invitation-only incubator for our community of aspiring app developers. This is a free community to join over a secure Discord server. A place to connect with other aspiring iOS developers, access free tutorials and other content related to iOS development and coding in Swift.

Our Courses

Our selection of courses offer a complete education in Apple’s official coding language Swift, from beginner to professional developer. Offered online through a virtual classroom, delivered by an industry veteran.

Here to Help

Swift Kids instructors are available to each Swift Kids student for individual sessions as well as online through The Nest and via email.