• Why Should my child learn coding?

    Coding is a great skill set to have. Not just for future programmers, we believe there are plenty of kids out there who would benefit from our courses. Coding is a great way to learn what’s called computational thinking, which is a way of describing a specific set of problem solving skills. These skills can be applied to many facets of a student’s life. Whether they go on to be programmers, artists or new and exciting jobs of the future, having some knowledge of computational thinking will help them solve problems and look at the world in a different way. Our goal is to teach coding in a fun way that is appealing to all the different types of kids, with a variety of interests and learning styles.

  • What is Swift?

    Swift is an open source programming language primarily used for developing apps on iOS devices (Phone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV) and macOS. It can also be used to develop websites, and runs on the Raspberry Pi! It was designed to be a modern improvement on aging languages like Python and C#. Although they will be learning to code in the Swift Playgrounds app, students are learning the same language real app developers use to create their apps!

  • What is the Difference Between Swift Playground vs Swift Kids Courses?

    Swift Playgrounds is a great learning tool all on it’s own, but students enrolled in the course will benefit from instructor led learning, hands on activities not found in the Playgrounds app (on iPad and unplugged). We will also be covering additional topics related to the world of technology and software development. Also, activities will be geared towards exploring other facets of STEM and STEAM (science technology engineering ART and math) such as biology and product design.

  • What age group are the Swift Kids Courses for?

    The preliminary course over April 2021 and the courses that run over the summer of 2021 will be for kids aged 11-14. Starting in September 2021, new courses will be added for kids aged 15-18!

  • What is the duration and when does it take place?

    The classes for Swift Fundamentals will run from 2:30pm EST to 4:30pm EST every weekday from July 5th to July 15th.

  • Is it live learning? Is the online platform safe for my child?

    Yes, the courses are instructor led and there will be easy and fun homework assignments each week to solidify their learning. Brendan has gone through a Vulnerable Sector check and background check. Courses will be run through a private secure Zoom chat.

  • What materials do I need?

    The students will need an iPad (running iPadOS 13.4 or later) or a Mac computer (running macOS 10.15.4 or later) that can run the free app Swift Playgrounds. They will also need Zoom installed on a computer (Pc or Mac) with webcam and mic as well. Although they could participate fully with Zoom installed on their iPad we find the experience is better with Zoom on a separate computer.