New Workshop Offerings

Swift Kids now offers three SHSM certification workshops in business and tech!

Why Choose Swift Kids For Your Classroom?

Mentorship & Learning Combined

Our SHSM workshops are delivered by a Swift Kids instructor with valuable industry experience. Students will take away not only the practical skills they will need for the certification, but real-world knowledge of the industry, which will prepare them for their future and professional careers.

On the Cutting Edge

Our SHSM workshops cover topics pertinent to the industries, careers and higher education that are in high-demand for our graduating classes. The tools and techniques these workshops offer give SHSM-certified students the competitive advantage in their desired industries.

Hands-On Experience

Each of our SHSM workshops involve hands-on learning. Students complete the workshop with a deeper understanding of the topic as well as practical skills of the the tools and techniques used by industry professionals.

Accessible Education

Making education not only available, but accessible to all kids with a desire to learn, along with demystifying topics which have traditionally felt exclusive, or complicated is at the core of the Swift Kids mission.

To book a Swift Kids SHSM certification workshop
or to learn more about what we offer, reach out to [email protected]

Each of our SHSM Certifications are customizable. We recognize that not every classroom has the same needs, experience and goals. We work with each class on an individual basis to craft a workshop that is suited to the needs of your students. This includes offering our workshops both in-person, or virtually, all activities are web-based, requiring no special equipment, or software and no previous coding experience is needed.


K.K., Student

"It was a pleasure to be mentored by my Swift Kids instructor. Aside from his teaching expertise and genuine love of programming, he went above and beyond to provide additional resources and engaging lessons that I'd always look forward to."

M.B., Student

"I really loved the classes. They gave me something to look forward to, and I never say no to a challenge!"

R.Q., Teacher

"Our Swift Kids instructor provided a great session for our students on Agile Project management. The kids had an enjoyable and worthwhile morning benefiting from the Swift Kids engaging teaching style."

J.D., Teacher

I've been working with Swift Kids for the past year and a half and the experience has been amazing. My students have engaged in the content and have commented repeatedly how applicable the subject material is and how appreciative they are to have a professional contact in the industry to reach out to. They especially found the Machine Learning workshop engaging and extremely interesting. I highly recommend Swift Kids for your next tech-based SHSM certification or other enrichment activity at your school.

D.S., Student

I had a great experience with Swift Kids. My mentor was a great asset and helped me along my whole journey (especially when I was creating my own app). I was able to learn very efficiently and when ever I needed help, my instructor was there for me. I truly learned a lot and I 100% recommend Swift Kids to anyone who wants to learn more about iOS development.

F., Student

My Swift Kids instructor was a great mentor who pushed me to step outside my comfort zone! He was extremely helpful and very encouraging. I learned so much about Swift development from his guidance, and created a fun app that I'm proud of!

Z.A., Student

"Dude, you're actually the best!"